6 Travel Essentials on Your Next Trip to Singapore

Singapore is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. A lot of people from different parts of the world visit the country the whole year round, and they usually stay for a short holiday. If you’re planning for your next trip to Singapore, there are a few travel essentials that you should keep in mind to get the most out of your vacation.

  1. Entry Requirements and Travel Documents

Singapore is quite strict compared to other countries when it comes to foreign visitors. Keep in mind that to obtain a visa, there are a list of entry requirements that you need to present to immigration officers at the airport. These requirements may vary depending on your citizenship, country of origin, and which country your passport is from.

You will not be given a visa if you do not bring these requirements upon boarding, unless you are a citizen, or you are passport holder of the countries that don’t require a visa to enter Singapore. These include British citizens, travelers from the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, and the Republic of Ireland.

You can check the list of requirements that you need at Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs official website. You will normally be given a visa to stay for a minimum of 30 days, but this is still extendable upon Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ approval.

Some of the other important documents you must have are your passport and plane ticket. Keep in mind that your passport must have a minimum validity of six months from your date of departure.

  1. Travel Insurance

We often overlook the importance of getting travel insurance. We may not realize that getting insured is really essential until something wrong happens while we are traveling abroad and we lose our baggage or miss a flight due to an emergency.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Travel insurance is something you shouldn’t scrimp on because in the long run, it can prevent larger expenses. Picking the right travel insurance can cover a lot of things such as medication expenses in case you end up needing medical attention while overseas.

It can refund your ticket for a cancelled flight, or cost you nothing for booking another one if you have missed a flight. Travel insurance can also reimburse you for the cost of your lost or stolen luggage.

  1. Health and Personal Care

The climate in Singapore is usually tropical. Travelers from colder climates might not be used to this kind of weather and may suffer from sunburn and dehydration, or even more serious medical conditions like heat stroke, fast pulse, and dry red skin. To avoid these, make sure to gear up with sunscreens hydrate yourself regularly, wear sunglasses and a hat, and restrict your exposure to the sun.

Another thing to remember is mosquito repellent. Although mosquito bites in Singapore most likely won’t cause serious health issues, prevention is still better than cure. This will also keep you safe from nasty mosquito bites, especially if you’re planning to go to the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari.

  1. Travel Adapter

All sockets in Singapore are of the G power type. If you are from a country that doesn’t usually use this or if the plugs for the electronics that you have are not compatible with G socket powers, make sure to bring a travel adapter with you. If you don’t own a travel adapter, don’t forget to buy one before you leave for Singapore.

  1. Light Weight Clothing

As previously mentioned, the climate in Singapore is tropical. Bring light summer clothes with you so you stay comfortable while sightseeing. There are a lot of activities to do in Singapore and travelling from one place to another requires a lot walking, unless you take a cab to every destination.

Outfits made of cotton will keep you cool, and a comfortable pair of sneakers will help you stay comfortable even if you have to walk a bit to see the sights you wish to visit.

However, if you’re travelling from November to January remember that this means rainy season in Singapore. Bring a couple of cardigans and a light jacket so you can stay warm, especially when there is a slight monsoon breeze at night. There’s no need to bring heavy winter clothes as it will still be warm even when it’s raining in Singapore.

  1. Apps for Travelling Around the City

With an abundance of tourists in Singapore, you will definitely be travelling around the city for a good part of the day. For more convenient and easier travel, always check transportation maps at train stations. You can also bring a map of your own so you’ll always know where you are or where to go next. For directions, you can always download Google maps on your phone. Uber is also already available in the country, but there is another app used to book taxis called Grab Taxi.

If you opt to take buses and trains, you can download MyTransport Singapore. This app comes with the routes and schedules for all bus numbers and train stations within the city. And if you’re a first timer in Singapore, you can see a complete list of local food restaurants on HungryGoWhere app.

The short list of items mentioned above are essentials for a more fun, comfortable, and hassle free trip to and within Singapore. So make sure to gear up and remember all of them on your next visit to the Lion City.